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Thomson (50% MTO Deposit)

$445 SGD

The price shown is the 50% MTO deposit as a confirmation of an order.

Full Base Price : S$888 SGD (S$829.91excl. GST for international orders)

Payment: 50% of full base price upon order confirmation, plus full amount of option up-charges, if selected. The remaining balance of the base price will be billed before delivery.

Made exclusively for you using handwelted construction with your preferred choice of model, size, last, leather, color, heel and sole. 

For other customization options and/or designs, we are always happy to discuss your ideas with you. Email us at customercare@yeossal.com to realize your custom project.

Pictured here is a make-up of the THOMSON model in YRB last with Horween Hatchgrain Espresso.

Delivery: Approximately 2 months after order confirmation. 

This product is eligible for return with a 20% restocking fee.

Learn more about our Yeossal Handwelted Shoes MTO program.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Not recommended. The skin stitching is strange and far from the picture shown on the website. Really disappointed. Please note that other models are well made.


Perfectly crafted. A true work of art!! The fit is amazing and for the first try on a pair of MTO shoes to not need adjustments was a huge surprise to me. I will be buying more shoes from Yeossal.


First Impression Shape: highly sculptured. The shoes are lasted to high definition, heel to toe. The contours are exceptional, especially at the waist where it is so narrow yet feels so tangible in hands. If regular waists are 2 dimensional, this is truly 3D. Both the lateral and medial sides of the shoe seem to be molded and then chiseled out of clay with strong, masculine lines. The heel and heel block are excellently shaped, stacked and trimmed. I opted for spade soles and tapered heel blocks which further articulate the last shape. They are absolutely stunning. It is like looking at a piece of decisively forged steel plated armor. Craftsmanship: Beautifully crafted. The fit and finish is not perfect but quite close. All the pieces fall together nicely. The stitching on the uppers seem to be 13 stitches per inch and 11 on the welts. The apron stitching is sophisticated and complex and projects the style of the entire shoe. There are a couple of less than perfect stitches and the welt stitching on the right shoe is dangerously close to being sanded. Well, to be fair, even G&G sometimes has issues keeping the stitching perfect. For shoes made by new artisans from Asia who are charging people mostly based on their skills not prestige, this is admirable to say the least. Construction: Solidly structured. Very supportive without being intrusive. My favorite thing is the extended heel stiffener that reaches the arch. It feels like that supportive pillow you must put on your back when binge watching movies. Material: don’t have much knowledge on leathers, but the leather feels on par with the hatch grain Utah on my Edwardgreen galway boots. Extras: solid, drawer-style shoe box, velvet-feel shoe bags, color matched high-quality shoe trees, extra round laces and complimentary shoehorn. Hopes: please introduce more boots.


Perfect product, perfect communication. Everything was on point.


Very well made pair of shoes.


The fit is spot on and the grained leather is supple, the shoes didn't need any breaking in. The nature of the leather also makes it very wrinkle resistant. The workmanship and styling is the best I've experienced at this price point.