Y by Yeossal

Faded Light Wash 15oz Selvedge Denim


A light washed jeans has been something requested by our clients since we’ve embarked on our selvedge jeans line in our tailored cut. The entire process took us multiple experiments to prototype and perfect. It wasn’t easy but we wanted to achieve a contemporary wash that required many trial and errors to get right.

The end result is a beautiful antiqued washed look that is hand developed, taking hours and a small team of craftsman to produce. We believe ours to be one of its kind so try one and be surprised!

1. Premium Japanese vintage Denim from Kurabo Mill
2. Light washed 
3. One Piece Five Button Fly
4. Fit: High waisted slim straight, inseam 34 inch for all waist size
5. White selvedge detail
6. Material: 100% cotton 13oz
7. Sanforized
8. Solid Brass Buttons from YKK
9. Copper stitching 
10. Signature Wine Glass patch pockets