KYLE Austerity Wingtip Adelaide Oxford Shoes


Brand new austerity wingtip model with double sewn seams that eludes a minimalisitic yet comtemporary look.

Campaign Details

Back this brand new custom handgrade shoe project and receive a S$120 gift card as well as a free travel shoe horn. The gift card will be issued within 10 business days to the email in your order after the shoes are shipped, and the travel shoe horn will be shipped together with the shoes.

The goal of this crowdfunder project is a minimum of 5 pairs. This campaign will start accepting orders from Dec 22, 2021 through Thursday January 6, 2022, both dates inclusive.

The estimated ship date is early March 2022.

The Shoemaker's Notes

Introducing KYLE, an austerity adelaide style Oxford conceived by @thehkshoeshiner, an artisan shoe shiner based in Hong Kong. We collaborated with him to bring this awesome model to all as a limited run Workroom project. 

The shoe pictured here is in YRB last and Ilcea plum museum full grain leather, complete with rounded bevelled waist, silhouette sole shape, 1" pitched heels and JR leather sole.

This model can be freely customised with all of our available lasts and as always, your choice of other design details from our collection of full grain leathers to sole types.

  • Hand-welted construction, 4-5mm leather insole
  • Finest leathers from top tanneries
  • Hand lasted
  • Corksheet footbed
  • Leather board stiffeners
  • Vegetable tanned calf lining
  • Closed channel Italian leather outsole*
  • High SPI stitched outsole
  • Layer stacked leather heel

* not applicable for Danite sole

Production In Progress

This Workroom project has successfully been funded. Thank you for the support!

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