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Double Belted Gurkha Trousers

$188 SGD


Our latest Ready-to-wear double belted Gurkha style trousers in Japanese twill cotton and Japanese Denim, meticulously sourced and curated by us. Extremely versatile; one can dress it up with a crisps dress shirt or pair it with a simple T-shirt for a more laid back approach. 

We've since modified our cut to be fuller, resulting in a cleaner silhouette.


Available in a variety of unique denims, and classic, versatile earthy shades of heavy twills, we trust the selection would fit comfortably in every wardrobe.

  • Gurkha style waistband with double buckle
  • 100% Japanese Cotton Twill or 100% Japanese Denim
  • Single reverse pleat with Slanted Side Pockets
  • High waisted
  • 2 back pockets
  • 5cm cuff
  • Made in Singapore
  • Fits true to measurements.

Customer Reviews

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Would be OK if they didn’t break so quick

I got these RTW pants on short notice due to sudden weather change, but as soon as I put them on and started fastening the buckles, they just snapped and fell out. I contacted Yeossal about this is the response was to basically either take them to a tailor to fix them there (on my own) or wait for them to send me the buckles so I can once again take them to a tailor and fix them on my own accord, and that this issue was going to be passed onto higher management.
While I like the design and creativity behind Yeossal’s products, this experience with my first order left an uncertain feeling.
Moreover, the pants seem to be low to mid rise, which means they will just slide down to just above the hips after a few hours of wearing and the shirt tucked in would come out easily, as is the case when I wear another pair from Yeossal, the duck canvas Gurkha.
On top of these issues, the denim fabric feels rather cheap and lacking in drape and weight. It basically feels like thin cardboard to the touch. Maybe this will sort itself out after a few wears and a wash, but the broken buckles prevent me from testing that theory.
The one good thing is the workmanship and the quality and amount of stitching that I can observe. The designers obviously took care to put in all their thought into the stitching.