Meccariello Argentum (RTW) is one of the product lines by Italian master shoemaker - Antonio Meccariello. The base construction method used for this line of shoes is called the "Argentum Welted Construction". 

While Goodyear construction is a well regarded shoemaking method and is often used in the making of high quality men shoes, Argentum welted construction from Meccariello improves upon the conventional Goodyear method and bring it to the next level.

Most conventional Goodyear welted shoes uses a holdfast (stripe of linen/canvas glued to insole) as a medium to stitch the upper and welt together. The integrity and structure of the shoes is therefore based on the strength of the glue bonding over time. 

Argentum welted shoes, on the other hand, does not use a holdfast glued to the insole. Instead a thicker insole (typically 4-5mm; similar to handwelted shoes) is used to carve the holdfast to which the upper and welt is stitched to; and also to create a footbed. In Argentum welted construction, there is no bonded (glued) interface and it's all direct leather to leather connection. There are several advantages to this construction where the most important ones are: (1) increased durability - no risk of glue failure compared to a typical Goodyear welted shoes; (2) improved comfort - more flexible insole compared to shoes that uses a linen/canvas holdfast and thus increasing the level of comfort; and (3) ease of maintenance - easily repaired or resoled by any competent shoe repair store, similar to typical Goodyear welted shoes.

The main difference to Meccariello handwelted shoes is that this line involves mainly machine work in most steps of the shoemaking process (holdfast creation, stitching of welt and upper etc) instead of by hand. That said, Argentum welted construction does offer many similar characteristics and benefits of a handwelted shoe. For example direct leather to leather contact between the insole, upper and welt, as well as better comfort level associated with increased flexibility of the insole without the additional holdfast.