Aeris Meccariello


The Antonio Meccariello's Aeris line speaks for itself through the works of art crafted and constructed under the eyes of the shoe maestro himself. The line presents itself as an ideal opportunity for shoe connoisseurs to own a masterpiece put together with that elaborate attention to craftsmanship but made using the traditional goodyear welted system. 

Not wishing to offer less, Antonio does not compromise on ensuring that the shoes employ only the choicest materials and are produced to the highest standard possible. Only the best calf or exotic leathers from the top tanneries are utilised including some from Antonio’s immense and vast collection of leathers. 

One can only attest to the high quality workmanship just by examining the shoes. Firstly, by observing the uppers, you can immediately tell that Antonio selects and clicks only the best parts of the hides for the Aeris shoes. Nothing is left to chance, one can tell, the very moment we handle a shoe from the Aeris line and we can feel immediately, the soft and supple leathers that form the uppers. 

The leathers then are closed to a high standard, noted by the clean and intricate stitching work done by the closer. Upon close inspection, we can discover the detailed consistency of the stitches and high stitches per count for the closing work. One thing to add also is that sewing of the uppers from the Aeris line are double stitched at all seams ensuring a stronger bond and a more precise attention to detail.
Meccariello Aeris Closing
Each shoe comes with a tight and narrow bevelled waist that accentuates the curves on the shoe giving it a sleek and slim profile. The insole is very finely shaped to be as tight as possible to the waist and sole of the last, so that when viewing from the shoe from the top, the sole is barely visible. In addition the shoes come with a gorgeous fiddleback waist. To achieve both features would require a high level of workmanship for example blind welting and the shaping of the fiddleback waist that we will share more in future articles.
The bottom surface is then gradually smoothened, hand painted and hand finished. One would be hard pressed to find another shoe made by the traditional goodyear welted system with a better bottom work than the Aeris line from Antonio. Such magnificence is only befitting of a work or any work from Antonio.
In addition, the heel counters are cut and finely skived with the edges thinned so as to not interrupt the shape of the last. The finishing of the shoe is also more painstakingly detailed such as the shaping of the heel to the upper. 
Meccariello Aeris Waist

We are definitely, confident that our shoes from the Aeris line represent one of the best, if not the best possible shoe made from a goodyear welted system at our price point. Come view at what we offer and take the plunge today!