Duck Canvas Gurkha Trousers

Our latest Ready-to-wear self-belt Gurkha style trousers in 14oz duck canvas fabric, meticulously sourced and curated by us. 

The results are an astonishing handsome yet sturdy trouser that will last you well through the fall winter months.

Sourced from Brisbane Moss, these duck canvas carries a beautiful texture. Extremely versatile; one can dress it up with a crisps dress shirt or pair it with a simple T-shirt for a more laid back approach. 

  • 14oz (390g/400g) heavy duty duck canvas
  • Double reverse pleat
  • Slanted Side Pockets
  • Slim Fit
  • 2 back pockets
  • 5cm cuff
  • Made in Singapore

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Reme Niemand (Cambodia)
Excellent consructed canvas trousers

Very durable fabric from Brisbane Moss. The construction is of a very high caliber. My pair fits perfectly. There really isn't anything to complain about. The drape is perfect. The fit is suberb and true to size. The texture is really unique. The buckle could've perhaps get upgraded. Good value for money. I would definitely recommend

Antoine Francois (France)

First time buyer, I was a bit worried about the size but it came out great, the fabric look and feel nice, the cut is amazing, there's a lot of place for yr thigh, the pleat are well made, the little pocket really give a nice touch to the look, the buckle should be a bit more sturdy, but for the price it's ok, overall a very good quality/price ratio I recommend.

L.C. (Italy)
Very nice

I wasn’t sure what to expect, as this is the first time I buy here and I buy any Gurkha styled trousers! But they surprised me for the quality and craftsmanship, and the sizing is perfect! I have to say I’ll be looking for some more trousers!!!

Hi Leopoldo,
Thank you for sharing your kind words about the style and worksmanship of the Gurkha trousers. We're so glad that you like them. We work hard to create good experiences of our products and feedback like this helps us to know that we are on the right track :)

Looking forward to seeing you again soon and thanks again!

J.R. (United States)
Great value for money

The cut, make, and fabric are very high quality. This is a great pair of trousers for the price. You are unlikely to find anything comparable from any other suppliers without paying a lot more. The only flaw is the buckle, which seems flimsy and cheap as pointed out by others. The cut is high-rise and comes to my natural waist. The look is elegant and classy. The color is also great. I bought the olive green and it trends between olive and brown. A great shade of green that you don't see every day. Props to Yeossal.

George Korovytsky (Australia)
Mixed feelings

I bought this RTW pair of pants because I suddenly found myself in need of quick wardrobe upgrade due to unexpected weather change. I had been looking at Yeossal products online for a while and an excuse to finally try them was quite welcome. But my experience ended up being quite less pleasant than I hoped.
First, the good: the pants fit me well in a standard size with the exception of the length, which is always an easy and expected alteration for RTW. I have quite a high seat (i.e. big ass) and thick football legs, so good fit out of the box was very welcome. The shipping was quite quick, though not super fast as for RTW. Overall quality of workmanship is really pleasing too, good sturdy stitching everywhere and no shortcuts.
But now the not-so-good...
first of all, the buckle is really thin and flimsy. The buckles on another pair I bought along with this one, the denim Gurkha, snapped and broke pretty much as soon as I put the pants on. I expect this buckle to snap soon as well. Second, the fabric itself feels somehow cheap - it’s just not very substantial and doesn’t have a good drape, though it looks very nice due to texture and colour variation. Finally, and most importantly... these pants are actually low-rise! I can’t understand it myself, but time and time again they just end up on my hips way below the natural waist. Compared to all my high-rise bespoke and MTM pants, these feel like they are still something from a fast fashion mall. I’m sure adding a few centimetres to the rise would not jeopardise any customers who haven’t tried it yet. I can’t see how anyone could go back to wearing low-rise after trying proper rise in their pants. The comfort and fit are just beyond compare. But as a result of such a low rise and possibly a slightly wider fit in the waist than I really need, any shirt tucked into these would normally come out and form that unsightly bulge of fabric around my waist.
So in conclusion, although I think these pants are a definite upgrade from fast fashion, they still feel like they belong to a fast fashion shop, and the quality of hardware is so low that I’m afraid they will be rendered useless very soon. After which I will have a hard time justifying their repair since I am not happy with the rise anyway and might as well plan to order an MTM to be completely satisfied.


good trousers

Jeremy Ninness

Fits wonderfully and looks great.

Jesse Chung

Fits beautifully and very well tailored! Proportions are impeccable. Will be purchasing more from them soon!

Moshe Engelman

A wonderful blend of utility, comfort, and style. I'm 185cm tall and 84kg and a 34 fits as if they were mtm. I chose the olive which I think is a great shade, and the fabric while sturdy, is soft and has a nice texture to it. I recommend a pair or three.